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indonesian porcelain that needs identification?

i brought back from indonesia a few items that my wifes family has had for a long time. any information on the marks or time period would be greatly appreciated.thank you

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Mar 04, 2010
Chinese bowl
by: admin


None of the symbols visible inside are marks. There is a decorative central spiral and the other are Lingzhi fungi.
This is a very common Chinese bowl that has its origins in the Qing dynasty, but I have seen recent reproductions also.

Whether the item in the photo is antique is difficult to judge because the image is too dark and has insufficient resolution. You can upload a new picture with good image resolution and a picture of the bottom side, if you want to know more about its age.

Please note, however, that even if it should be antique its value cannot be high as it still seems to be widely available.

Hope this helps.


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