Imperial Dragon

by John H
(New Jersey, USA)

I purchased this ceramic 5 claw dragon at an estate auction near Margaretville, NY in 1976.
I have no documentation that speaks for his authenticity or origins. What I do know is that the 5 claw dragon is known as an imperial dragon and could possibly be from the 17th century, or made afterwards as a replica of the original concept. Unfortunately I have no idea of his real value , history or pedigree.
He is known as LUNG for dragon .
I look forward to any insights that you can give me on his background and value.

Base is 13” long x 8” wide
Overall length is 16” and 9” High
5 toes on each foot
No identifying marks that I can see.
He is in perfect condition , , no broken parts or chips and the glaze is bright and clean.
The colors are vibrant.

His photos and a small video can be seen at the following Link to Picasa album, no sign on or passwords are necessary.

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Feb 23, 2012
dragon figurine
by: peter

Hello John,
You cannot rely on the number of claws to decide if a dragon was imperial or not. Especially during the 19th century such rules were not enforced anymore.

I cannot tell you from when this is, but figurines were mostly made late Qing dynasty and republic period. Most that we see now were made in the 1920s to 40s in Jingdezhen, by work shops specialized on figurines.
Without a mark it is difficult to know by whom it was manufactured.

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