Identify Chinese marks?

by Ping

Hi Peter,

I want to purchese the Chinese large bowl from local auction.
Could you please help me to identify the marks.
Any idea about the age?

Thanks for your help.


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Thank you
by: Ping

Hi Peter,
Just want to say thank you very much for your help.
You have save my money to buying this.


by: peter

Hi Ping,
I would advise against buying this, if your intention is buying an antique.
This is at the very most vintage, perhaps not even that.
Despite the small pictures I can see that this is not Qing dynasty or early republic painting style. I bet the surface of the decoration is smooth. All antiques have an uneven surface, because the enamel was applied thickly by hand. The lady's head looks like one of those newer copies too.

And, the mark and bottom are clearly from later in the 20th century. Apart from the apocryphal mark the dark brown foot rim points to a fake or recent item. Virtually all foot rims of that color had the rim darkened artificially to make it look old. Really old rims rarely are of this color.

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