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identified but need the expert for final decision

by ivan nicholas

i do reseach my ceramic but i cannot proof it's is ginune i take this is flea market here in hongkong very near they call the holiwood rd.
this location here in hongkong are selling expensive ceramics and chinese painting etc..
this was sold to me by a old woman collecting a letf over she said he does't know about it. she know the store was close dou of some reason.
i just want to know please can you identified this as legitimate ceramic from ming period. or something else.

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bottoms of first two pictures
by: peter

To clarify the matter, the bottoms of the two first pictures seem to have a rounded corner at the rim. This is almost impossible for any Chinese porcelain of the Qing and Ming dynasties. As to the Wanli marked item, authentic Wanli items display certain characteristics specific to the late Ming dynasty. These were due to production methods used at the time and cannot be missing. Therefore, the only conclusion can be that these cannot be period items. The rounded corner would only be possible with foot rims that have a very small diameter, as with small cups, etc.
Seeing the item may help decide if they are old, but this does not make them period items, if they are.

maybe? but! wait
by: Ian lesenster

peter give some advise that your porcelain are in the right marking of ming dynasty. his point are on the rim and the bottom of the ceramics.
but wait peter this is not salvage in the deep sea
the story that i read this came from an old woman that she even don't know what kind of ceramics she got and whene i check the holliwood rd. hongkong the place are nortorius selling antiques
not all ming ceramics must have a patina or a rust spot.if you can see all major auction house mosly the rim or in the bottom are widely clean...who knows? if that's on the period of ming that realy a good price

porcelain items
by: peter

Hi, I am no expert, so please be aware that I cannot give you a "final" decision. I just state my opinion in view to what I learned and the items I have seen up to now.

From left to right, pictures 1 and 2:
A Ming, Wanli mark and a Qing, Yongzheng mark.
The marks look like authentic period marks, but the bottom of both don't seem to be quite right for period items. We never can judge Chinese porcelain by their mark as these are frequently apocryphal, even with genuine antiques. Thus it is generally better to upload clear pictures of the item itself. The bottom is the most important item, on the other hand, to judge age. In this case it looks too new.

Picture 3:
The vase does not look antique. Looks like one that is sold anywhere now. No patina, no traditional painting style or anything points to an old item.

Picture 4:
This probably would be Ming dynasty, if genuine, and very expensive. With this single picture it is impossible to say more. Bottom/foot rim picture and closeup picture of blue decoration would be necessary.

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