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Comments for Identification of several pieces and marks including dates. Your help is appreciated.

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chinese porcelain
by: peter

Chinese porcelain can largely be separated into the ancient ones and those of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Many collect either, but not both because there is a whole world of difference between the two. The web pages mention mostly things belonging to the latter. You cannot wholesale apply them to all Chinese porcelain.
That is also valid to age signs. Production methods and materials were different, and less is known about the earlier ones.

There should be a dull ring if it were authentic Song/Yuan dynasties, because the clay was loose at the time. A high ring means it was likely made much later.
I don't really care much about provenance. Have seen too many items that were not what I was told. This is also true for museum pieces, etc.

by: nathan

I undersrand what your saying and that is fine. I may be able to find somebody here in adelaide to help me out. however I can tell you that upon tapping it it gives out a solid sharpish ding. not dull prolonged or shortlived and actually sounds very nice to the ear. so to me I can tell at least that it has not been restored or damaged. as for the thickness it is roughly 4 to 5 Ml all around. width varies in various spots however the glaze makes up a significant proportion of the size also and I would say that the glaze makes up at most 2 Ml of the 4 to 5 Ml all over. there is significant crackling all over the piece however it is harder to see on the outside than inside and this to my eye does not look faked it does look like real crackling. there is one or two rust spots both on the inside and out and there is also some of the small indentations from where a fatty substance has been when fired (I forget the name). there is also on the inside, and im not sure if you can see it in the photos, what looks to be a sort of mark. on the light blue of the inside lies a darker cobalt blue line halfway up and runs for about 3 cm. this line is dark at the bottom and the rest of the line lighter and to me somewhat reminds me of a sword with the way it looks. it almost looks like a small darker cross at the bottom with the lighter blue line extending upwards.
i do however believe this piece to be chinese as it did come from a wealthy persons collection from an estate here in adelaide. they had a lot of beutiful items bit this is all I was lucky enough to aquire. I dont know if any of this helps you at all amd I will seek a hands on appraisal at some point. just need to find someone with enough decent knowledge here in adelaide.
thanks guys...

by: peter

No Nathan. Weight, tapping sound, etc. need hands-on, I'm afraid.
Basically, purely from these pictures it looks as if the clay is too dense, and the color might be a bit dark. But anyway, the shape...

Could be made later, in the Qing dynasty, or just a 20th century item. There are lots of Jun glaze imitations on the market. Some are difficult to recognize as fakes.

You will have to wait for the opportunity to have someone do a hands-on inspection.

by: nathan

is there any questions or info that I may be able to answer or help you with in regards to this piece?

by: peter

To me this is neither a brush washer nor flambe...
I never saw a brush washer shaped like that among Chinese traditional porcelain. More often than not brush washers are not deep, but may be wide. This is to avoid that the whole brush gets soiled by ink. The purpose is flushing the bristles only.
The glaze looks like a Jun glaze to me. But the bottom and shape don't look right for Song or Yuan ware, I am not a specialist on these, though, and have handled only a couple of real ones. I would need to do a hands-on inspection to clarify a few things to make sure if this is antique or not.

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