Identification of Chinese/Japanese stamps

by Julie

I have a few items I would like some help with if poss!
I am going cross eyed looking through Internet at symbols!
Thanks in advance! :)

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Wow! Thank you!
by: Julie

After hours of trying to find out myself I cannot thank you enough!!!
Much appreciated!
The only other question is.... Do they hold any value?
They're not my cup if tea, but I don't want to part with them for the wrong price either!
Thank you again!
Very impressed!!

Sorry, but I do not know about values of Japanese and newer Chinese items.

plate and vase
by: peter

The plate has the mark "Arita Yaki". Arita is a major Japanese kiln. Someone else would have to confirm if this is authentic, I do not know enough of Japanese porcelain.

The vase has a mark that says "Tongzhi Nianzhi" (Made in the Tongzhi years), which in my view is apocryphal. The vase looks as if it were 20th century, but cannot tell exactly when. I guess from the last few decades.

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