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Identification of a Ceramic Mark

by Annie Butler
(Houston, Texas, USA)

Does anyone know if this is a Kangxi mark and if so, can you help me with the time period. I found one of the characters (lower right) in a Kangxi mark but I cannot seem to pinpoint the rest.

Thank you

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Jul 16, 2010
by: peter

Nice looking item, but not that old.
It does actually say "Kangxi Yuzhi" which would mean it was made for the palace.

The item looks 20th century. Apart from the mark, the colors during the early Qing dynasty or Kangxi era would have been different.

As to the mark, such marks as here are often attached to modern pieces for decorative purposes, I assume. In ancient China blue marks would usually be applied under the glaze. An unglazed bottom would have an impressed mark.

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