I was told this was 400 years old or more.. any more info you can give me?

by Ryan Corbett
(Ayutthaya, Thailand)

I bought this bowl along with some other porcelain at one old ladies house/antique shop in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Ayutthaya was the ancient capital from the 1300's until the mid 1767, therefore there is a lot of chinese porcelain here from trade.. most is frags under the ground or in the river. Some such as this bowl have come to light and into my hands. Can anyone confirm if this is from the Ming dynasty or not? Any other info would be appreciated.. Thanks .. Ryan

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great information
by: Ryan

Thanks for the great information. It is nice to get some great feedback. It helps me on my path to knowledge in the world of porcelain. I just bought a nice celadon bowl today. I will have to show that sometime soon and see what you think.
Thanks again.. Ryan

by: peter

The bowl could be contemporary to the Ming dynasty.
I say 'contemporary' because I do not recognize the painted decoration.
You have to be aware that there is a lot of Vietnamese porcelain that looks similar to Chinese Ming porcelain. For some time Annam was a part of the Ming empire and/or vassal state. There is no doubt that lots of items of the time were made by potters either under the cultural influence of China, or directly by Chinese living there. Thus, some SE Asian items are very close to Ming styles. Vietnam (and Thailand) had a huge production, and their exports may even have exceeded that of China, at times, before the Qing dynasty.

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