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How old is this vase ?

by Ewart
(Stewarton, Scotland)

I have inherited 2 chinese vases and they have an identification mark on the bottom. Can anyone tell me the rought age of the vase, I think it should be around 1900.

many thanks in advance

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Nov 25, 2010
by: Ewart

I will try and get some more pictures in that case - thanks for looking

Nov 21, 2010
vase age
by: peter

To look at the age of the vase more pictures would be required.
For example, a picture of the bottom and of the foot rim. Resolution should be sufficient for seeing details clearly.
Then pictures from at lest two or three angles showing the decoration.
A picture of the upper rim inside, just inside the rim. The inside of the lid.
Any age signs or blemishes should be clearly visible.

From the current pictures it could as good be new. It looks to perfect for a very old item. The above pictures should give a better idea. Basically, daylight pictures are better than those made under an artificial light.

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