by Andrew

Hello again Peter,

I recently acquired this piece & wondered if you could possibly estimate a production date for this jar.

From what info I could glean from the internet,the shape is called a"Leys Jar" & the piece seems to exhibit those characteristics found in Xuande period copper red porcelain; however the fluently written base mark, seems to be similar in style on the script found on later Chengua period marked pieces...this is only my opinion, by comparison of later period marks found on the net.
A dark, thick, speckled, copper red glaze has been applied inside & out.
The porcelain is very fine & light in weight.
Surface has a semi gloss lustre with tiny pinpricks all over the glaze surface.
Size is 70 mm.s high, perfect shape.
Passes an acetone scrub.

Would love to have your thoughts about this little piece.
regards again,


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by: peter

Hi Andrew,
You definitely ARE specialized on difficult to identify items ! :-)
Another monochrome... but with this one I feel pretty sure it is not authentic. Each of the four pictures has something that makes me think it is recently made.
1. Shape - I don't think the shape is right for a traditional item. It looks as if its shape was derived from s spittoon, but spittoons have a slightly different shape; the neck is much too wide here, while the belly would usually be round.
2. Glaze - looks a bit too smooth for a Ming dynasty item to me, even with the pin pricks you mention, and I have some doubts about the color too.
3. Foot rim - cannot completely deny this possibility, but I feel uncomfortable with this one. I would think it normal if it were Qing dynasty.
4. Mark - Badly written mark: from the calligraphic style I would think this to be possible only in the Tianqi or Chongzhen reigns (the last two reigns of the Ming dynasty), but not with a Xuande mark. Additionally, the characters have extraneous and missing strokes, and are generally written in a manner that gives the impression that the writer didn't exactly know what he/she was writing. Many children write better than that.

All in all, there are too many doubtful points in my view.

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