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by Peter Tomov

Hello, my name is Peter and I am from Bulgaria. Want to buy a very rare and authentic china Antiques Hand painted Have Dragon. On behalf of the Ming Dynasty, Xuande Year, about (1311-1399) period.Help me ,is this vase real? Advance thank you very much!Peter

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by: Joe

HI Peter;
You are right,100% fake.
All colours are modern.

by: peter

Hi again,
Please don't buy it. It is a very low quality fake. The mark itself is ridiculous, it even means the item is imperial, but there never existed such a mark.
This is easily recognizable as a fake.
Many modern Chinese vases are of much better quality than this.

I would recommend you read "Fake Antiques", in the left menu. You will learn why you should NOT buy porcelain from Ebay sellers based in China. They are unable to get genuine antiques, and if they had one, they could be selling them at much higher prices in China than abroad. The price of Chinese antiques has gone up worldwide because the demand for genuine antiques is so high in China nowadays.

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