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by adi

Hi, the I have recently been informed that teapot could be a fake.

What is your opinion?

Thanks for any help you can give in identifying this piece.

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by: Snap

In addition to Peter's great comments, be aware that the teapots are not a close reproduction of anything old. Thus they are not 'fakes' in the sense of pretending to be something other than recently made teapots. If a vendor told you something else, that would be either ignorance or deception on their part.

tea pots
by: peter

Yes, I'm afraid there is a problem. I cannot comment on the painted decoration as it is too small in the pictures, but the shape, bottom, color, etc. are suspicious.

First of all, the shape of the item is unusual, not like any of the usual antique pot shapes. This type of bottom would have to be Song or Yuan dynasty, but the red decoration would not have been possible at that time. Although underglaze red decorations were developed in the the Yuan dynasty, due to problems with their production, they were only successfully made in the Ming dynasty.

Thus, the bottom cannot be Ming dynasty and the decoration cannot be Song/Yuan dynasty.
In my view there is only one conclusion possible from this, they are modern fakes.
My personal view.

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