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Hello Everyone

by Stephanie
(Louisville, kentucky)

I was hoping to get some information on a teapot I have. It is very old and quite a beautiful piece, but as I am a novice at best I don't have any idea on a period (date) for it. Thank you in advance to anyone that can assist.

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Dec 01, 2010
Thank you Peter
by: stephanie

I will take new pictures tomorrow. As for cleaning, any suggestions? This teapot is not glazed on the bottom and some portion of the sides surrounding the bottom,Someone told me due to the firing method used with the piece?(true or no , I don't know) What you see is actually *absorbed?* into the porcelain itself.Age, I was assuming? No lid unfortunately. :( .

Dec 01, 2010
by: peter

Hi Stephanie,
The blue color painting does not seem right for something antique. It looks somewhat diluted. Can you take closeup pictures of the decoration as well as of the bottom? The consistency of the bottom must be visible. It seems as if there is no glaze, but it could be the lighting. Maybe you have to clean it first.

Also, a view of the top rim and the lid (if available) might help.
You could also upload the pictures on Flickr or some other place instead and post the link here. This way it would be possible to view images with higher resolution.

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