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Heavy Pitcher Black Chinese Marks modern or old?

by Peter
(Chester NY)

Hello, I recently acquired this pitcher and all indications tell me it is contemporary. I cant find the mark anywhere if someone can help. The pitcher is really heavy which I also find strange. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated.

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Feb 26, 2011
by: peter (admin)

Hi Peter,

You are right, it is modern. First, an off center mark is virtually impossible in antique Chinese porcelain.
Then, the bottom is strange. What is the hole for? If you insert a tooth pick or some other small object, does it feel hollow inside, and does it feel as if there are two bottoms?
You could measure the depth of the foot and the vessel inside and calculate the thickness of the bottom. If it is anywhere above 1cm it is way too thick and may have a double bottom, but as I mentioned above, I do not know that from Chinese porcelain.
Usually, I would think the hole is for letting air escape at the time of firing, but antique Chinese porcelain does not employ this method. With a high foot or stem that is hollow they just would leave the whole bottom wide open.

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