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Guangxu bowl

by John

Hello Peter,

This is the last question which I will ask you.

Is this an original bowl from the Guangxu period.
It measures 19.50 cm and H 8 cm(7,67 Inch and H 3,14 inch)

Thank you John

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Jan 16, 2011
yellow bowl
by: peter

John, I have seen vases with Guangxu marks this butterfly decoration, but the background was white.
From these pictures the bowl could be genuine, but the pictures are not detailed enough.
Partial pictures showing details both of decoration, foot rim and top rim, would be required.

But, I cannot promise any definitve answer. When items from the late Qing dynasty are in excellent condition, as it seems the case with this one, there is always the possibility of a good fake or a genuine item.
Actually, I also have a Guangxu bowl here wich I am not sure about yet, because its condition is very good. I will need to make very good pictures first (my photographing equipment and abilities are limited) to get a second opinion.

A hands on appraisal would be best with such items, though.

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