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by mona
(beirut lebanon)

Hi Peter, Would you please give me some light on this pair of cookie jars. they are marked with a "the great wall" stamp and below is scribbled something whith the word china showing at the end. the porcelain or ceramic is raised with a nice cobalt colour .is it chinese or old? it has been professionally repaired.
Thank you again for your expertise.


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Jun 30, 2011
markings the great wall
by: dave

We currently have an eight and half inch vase with blue glaze with white piping and gold dots and pattern which is raised , with the same marking but in blue print with MADE IN CHINA and a figure number 47 , if anyone can advise.

Jan 05, 2011
by: mona

Yes the mark looks I agree with you. the mark should have been added later on. how strange. this jar looks like 100 years old.I wonder which company made it. there is a little x sign engraved in the ceramic. meissen perhaps?

Jan 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi Mona. This is not at all Chinese. It looks very much European.
I can't see the stamp clearly as it is too small, but am I right with the assumption that it is applied over the glaze?
If you scratch the mark with a needle, does the color easily come off? I suspect that the mark was applied later. The reason for this is the areas below the current mark. Without closeup pictures it is difficult to tell, but it looks to me as if the original mark was removed, and another applied. Not sure though. If the spot feels rough it could be ... that the original mark was removed and another was added, to pass it off as Chinese.

BTW, when Chinese marks contain English it is usually just "CHINA" or "Made in China", with the old ones. Newer ones would have some Chinese characters above the English.

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