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Gold on Cobalt blue Ginger Jar(?)

by Jefferson
(United States)

Having no information beyond that there is no obvious damage, I offer this Ginger(?) jar for your comments. It stands 5-3/8" tall. 3-7/8" diameter on the bottom.

Comments for Gold on Cobalt blue Ginger Jar(?)

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Jan 15, 2011
ginger jar
by: peter

Well, I am not completely sure that it is Japanese.
It is a beautiful jar, that is for sure, where ever it is from!
Are you collecting? I detail below why I have doubts that it is antique Chinese. But still, please be aware that it still could be modern Chinese. The decoration just doesn't look antique. And there are some elements that seem to indicate a non-Chinese origin. It could also be European (chinoiserie), but I believe they wouldn't have copied the double ring mark.

The decoration band at the foot is typically Chinese, so is the decoration visible in the second image. The foot rim could have some age, but not sure, without closeups pictures.

Here are my doubts:
- The proportions of the double ring mark don't feel right. Usually, I would excpect the diameter to be a bit larger with an antique Chinese item.
- The bat decoration (top of 2nd image) is too detailed, in my view.
- The swirl (plant) decoration pattern is much too wide for antique Chinese.
- The flower is not typical for Chinese. I would expect this rather in Japanese porcelain. But even the chrysanthemum, which the Japanese are so fond of does appear sometimes on antique Chinese porcelain.

So that is why I think it "could" be Japanese. But it could as well be a modern Chinese item. Later Chinese decorations have much more variety. And, they often are painted larger, even with traditional motifs. I suspect this is to save time. The intricate designs of old may be too costly now.

If that would be an antique Chinese item, let's say Qing dynasty, the value would be quite high; it is in such a superb condition.
Now and then I see items with gilt on blue (Chinese items) being sold in Japan, but I don't dare buy them because their condition often seems to be too good to be true. Usually, with antiques the gilt decoration is one of the easiest rubbed off during use.

Anyway, on Asianart there are about four or five people which have deeper knowledge and experience in view to Chinese ceramics. Overall, they seem to be leaning more to Japanese art.


Jan 15, 2011
Thank you!
by: Jefferson

Thanks for your responses. I feel bad that I keep adding Japanese rather than Chinese items. In my defense..well, I'm ignorant. But, I'm not proudly or braggingly ignorant, seeking every day, in every way, to change.
Oh, and I very much appreciate the site tip. Best!

Jan 15, 2011
blue jar with gilt
by: peter

This looks modern or Japanese to me. I would recommend you try with this. They have forum members who know newer and Japanese arts.

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