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Glazed Bird and heavy Cup

by Mario Z. Montez
(Houston, Texas, U. S.)

Not much, just have these two items that I cammot decipher or know what they are made of. The first one is a small cup measuring 3" to 3-1/8" on the rim and 1-1/2 on the base, it is glazed on the inside and is green incised lines with a dragonfly on the outside, height is 2" with 1-16" differances. For it's size it is heavy but, yet, isn't metal. The seal is on the bottom.
The second item is a little ceramic statue of a bird of some kind, height is 2-3/4 and length is 4-7/8. Nice glaze on it with glace stopping before the base. Inscription is on bottom of tail. Thank you all for any help that can be extended to me. Are they for sale? I guess, given a good price.

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Sep 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

It's a start, anything on the cup?

Only what is mentioned already in my comment. No idea on this type of material or item. Never saw that before. I suggest to try the forum at

Sep 22, 2010
Glazed Bird and heavy Cup
by: peter

The cup looks as if it were made of bronze or another copper alloy. If it isn't, sorry but it is impossible to decide what it is from pictures.
Not sure about the mark, but it seems to say "cast".

The pottery bird has a mark that says Chinese Cizhou Kiln, but from the mark it is clear that it is recent.
Hope this helps.

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