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ginger style pot chinese or chinoise .seen on e bay as chinese

by annette
(essex uk)

this is one of the pots i have .this has a good decoration was dug in a victorian tip ,i was researching something else and i found one similar to this on e bay ,i have pots almost identical to the one on e bay claiming to be chinese with a 100 + dollars price tag .i was of the opinion they were kent pottery ,would be interesting to have your opinion as there are lots of unsure stuff on e bay .the last photo is an example of the one on e bay .this one has been stained from being buried so the colour is not visable usualy white/grey with blue stripes .your opinion would be greatly appreciated so i can let e bay or the seller know .thanks

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Mar 07, 2011
ginger style pot - ebay
by: annette

thank ,you we allways thought the painted one was english as it was dug up with the other english pots ,the one on e bay is definatly the english one ,they are also collectable but not worth 199 dollars ,more in the region of ten pounds ,it annoys me when i see things being passed of a something they are not ,i am no expert but i know a little about uk pottery .and have noticed a few chinese items on e bay that look to new .to be old ,i have read your information and its helped enormously ,thank you annette

Mar 06, 2011
by: peter

Hi Annette,
Looks like a typical Qing dynasty jar to me (I don't mean the other one in the fourth picture). In English they call this a Ginger Jar.

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