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Ginger Jar Date

by Cameron



Dear Peter,

I have what looks like a chinese ceramic ginger jar. It has an interesting hand painted scene of a village with bell shaped domed towers and two junk boats. Any ideas to the age and region of this piece? There are no markings on base. 3.7in/9cm H. 31cm Diameter

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Jun 24, 2014
I have three of these ginger jars
by: Michael Adam Reale

I have three of these. One is medium sized and the other two are small. The best information that I could find on the internet is that it is a Chinese Canton white wedding ginger jar of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) of the Jiaqing or Daoguang era, circa 1820 depicting two large phallic shaped lighthouses or grain silos with a junk in the harbor.

I hope this helps. I will keep checking back to this site to see if anyone has any better information that what I could tease out of the internet.

Sep 27, 2011
by: Des

im sure this ginger gar is original and dates to about c1900 i dig several of these every year so i would stand my ground and say 1890 - 1910 ish

cheers Des

Apr 23, 2011
ginger jar
by: peter

I cannot identify this object. The decoration has many incongruencies which make it appear to be a fake antique.
Here is the reasoning for this:
1. The dark spots all over, are they removable? It looks as if they were artificially added. Real antiques don't have that many spots, usually. Rust spots don't appear like this.
2. The bottom doesn't look right to me for an antique item.
3. The decoration is something... You seldom see so many problems in one:
a) the top decoration band is too much down; it should be nearer the collar of the jar. And, it is too irregular.
b) The band is badly painted or stamped, and this type of band decoration is none of those usually seen in Chinese items, as far as I am concerned.
c) the pictures on the jar are made in the style of a pencil or charcoal drawing, and there is shading also in western style; Chinese decorations never look like this.
d) There is a pagoda with a strange roof, and another looking like a church, with an equally strange roof; an oriental and western subject on the same item?

Overall the decoration looks too unreal to me to be genuine.

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