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Ginger Jar ?

by Mark
(Las Vrgas, NV)

Hi Peter, I'm sure this is japanese however, your knowledge of porcelain far exceeds mine. Can you recommend a specific website in which I can identify the marking on the bottom. Thank you very much.


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Jun 24, 2011
Mark's Ginger Jar
by: Lorelei

Hi Mark-
I have a shallow bowl that is the identical design/color of your ginger jar - also says imari shuho on the bottom. I'm wondering if you had any luck tracing it? I checked out the site Peter recommended but found nothing.

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Sep 18, 2010
by: peter

Hello Mark,
I tried to find it on the Japanese internet, but it is about the same as on the English web, not easy.
Anyway, Shuho looks to me as if it were either one of the kilns or a pottery shop belonging to the Imari system. Imari is not a kiln proper but was the exporting port in the past, hence the name; several kilns in the vicinity exported via that port.
I don't know how to research Japanese marks, but you can try The mark looks modern to me.

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