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Flat Chinese Vase

by Jerry
(New Jersey)


I would appreciate any information on a pair of Chinese vases that I have. They are both brightly decorated, have a flat shape and are approx. 9" tall. One has the word "CHINA" partially impressed into the base and the other has "CHINA" stamped onto the base in blue ink.


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Sep 02, 2010
by: peter

I can't see any details as the resolution of the main picture is not sufficient. But anyway, carved vases are not my forte. I would suggest you try, they may have people more specialized in this, in their forum.
You should provide a sharp picture where details (e.g. the faces of the dragons) of the carving ot painting are clearly visible, and possibly also one of the side and the mouth.

From these pictures it seems to me that this is a 20th century piece. If the dark spots inside the foot rim are ingrained in the glaze, then we have the possibility of a fake, as this may have been made intentionally this way to look old. Usually, in 20th century porcelain the glaze shouldn't contain that many impurities and quality is generally better. But, it is necessary to check the decoration details, etc. also. Details of the decoration will show if it has been carved or mass produced in forms, for example.

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