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Famille Rose??

by Jack

About 10 ears ago I bought a Chinese covered bowl at an Estate Sale. A friend advised it was Famille Rose, but I have no idea if he knew what he was talking about.

Pictures are attached. Please note the texture of the paint is "raised" which is hard to see in a picture.

On the bottom you can see whats left of the frame of the original mark, all else is worn out.

Condition is excellent, no nicks, scratches or repairs of any type.

The dimensions are:
Diameter 7.75”
Depth 2.25”

There are two small loops (ears I believe they are called) on each side.

I would most appreciate someone advising me the date and origin of this lovely bowl.

Thank You, Jack

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Ink Slab??
by: Jack

What is, "Round porcelain ink slabs"?
Just an ink slab that is round. Most rectangular and made of stone. It's for rubbing the ink with water to make it liquid for writing or painting.

by: peter

Thanks for the additional pictures.
If it is completely even, it still could have been used they way I suspect, just not over a long time. Porcelain is very hard to abrade. I just cannot imagine why it should look the way it does, otherwise. Round porcelain ink slabs have that look after use, because the ink is rubbed in a circular motion for rubbing the ink. If it is not that, you should be able to clean off the brown dirt with a detergent and a brush.

Anyway, as you say it was never glazed, it was probably the lowest part of the stack box set.

If you do a Google image search for "chinese stacked porcelain box" you should be able to see more of this type.

Famille Rose?? Qing? Originally part of a set?
by: Jack

In answer to questions:

Bottom is unglazed and completely even. No depression following the circular track. Outside track on bottom is glazed which is why it looks brighter. Nothing has been rubbed on the track.

Inside is completely glazed. Does not give impression rough side bottom was once glazed.

lidded box
by: peter

Famille Rose is a bit off, I think. For that you need some decoration that gives the impression of mainly red or pink colors on it.

From the pictures it looks as if someone used it in a different way from its original purpose.
Maybe you can clarify if the rough bottom is completely even (not visible clearly in the picture), or if it has a shallow depression following the lighter circular track? Does it look as if something was rubbed along the brighter track?
Is the other side completely glazed inside? Does it give the impression as if the rough side was once glazed?
To me this looks like part of a stacked box. These are usually four containers looking the same (as yours) plus a lid. The ears are for passing a string through and holding the whole together, I believe, but not all do have them.
Part of the bowls are frequently missing.

It is a bit out of the ordinary that this one would have an unglazed bottom. If this bottom is original this way and was never glazed, it probably means it would be the bottom one.
Can you upload a closeup of the top and bottom rim as well as the lower part of the lid (where it fits the box rim), showing the rim from an angle, to allow seeing the profile?
Personally, I think this is a late Qing dynasty item.
But if the bottom looks as if it is slightly abraded, this could have been used as a replacement ink slab.

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