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Famille Rose Rooster New marks

by Jefferson
(United States)

I have found additional marks-red '4's(?)-while taking more photos, today. Two 4's on the lid, and two on the bowl. These marks are located on the curves of the rim and collar . Not being where one usually looks for markings, I just didn't notice them earlier. I suspect their purpose may have simply been a way to make sure this lid went with that bottom. I'm also adding a better photo of one eye and a detail of the feathers. Let's hope these pictures help those in the know reach more definite conclusions.

One thing I hadn't mentioned was that I've spent much time over the last 10 years looking for another tureen (box?) like this one. The best I could do was a goose and a duck but they both had dynasty marks with provenance established quite profitably.

I will be adding a couple other items soon. One is actually glass, not porcelain. Both are beautiful and both, as is my way with fortune, have what I call 'almost marks'. That is, they have marks that almost look like those on other items that leave no question of origin orperiod..but, just 'almost'.

Also, if I may, can anyone advise me of a site where Chinese-or Japanese Silver or pewter is the interest. I have a basket that is really too beautiful to describe.

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Jan 15, 2011
rooster tureen
by: peter

Hi, are the numbers in Chinese characters or just numbers as we use them? If it is the latter it could be 20th century, or Japanese, I think. Such numbers don't appear on antique Chinese items, but in vintage and newer items I have seen them. They could be some batch number or similar.
Did you try

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