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Famille Rose Painted & Gilded Bowl

by Kevin L

Dear Peter;
Thanks for your comments on the over-painted bowl. I will follow it up and let you know how we go.

My uncle has a large Famille Rose Painted & Gilded Bowl (approx 30CM X 22CM).

I am wondering if you could help me and see if it is indeed an antique. And if so what is the approx age.

Again thanks very much for your time!

Best Regards

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Rose medaillon
by: peter

This rose medallion plate looks as if it had a late Qing dynasty decoration and thus is antique. I would need a closeup to make sure, usually, but in this case the glaze and body is also obviously old.

The two keys in the decoration are the faces and hairdo. With newer rose medallion items the faces are painted differently. The other key is the gilt. Newer items have brighter gilt.

You will find many examples by doing an image search for "rose medallion".
Many such plates were made in the 20th century, they might still being made. The later ones were printed. They usually have a smooth surface while the antique older ones are enameled and the surface feels uneven, because the enamel thickness is uneven.

In this case the glaze on the outside and the bottom are clearly old, possibly older than these decorations are. It could be that the decoration was added to a much older, plain white plate, but I am not sure about this. I have a similar item with such an unglazed bottom. Mine seem to be a tea tray. Many other antique rose medallion items I have seen are from around 1900.

I can only tell you that yours is likely 19th century, earlier than those mentioned above.

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