Famille rose and other pieces

by Tom

Not sure about these two pieces, both are Qianlong stamped. Both are supposed to be pairs with each other. One is a famille rose peach pair. Both are textured and look identical, but there are differences because it is hand painted. It seems the person couldn't color in the lines and is messy. Are all qianlong pieces in the lines and colored well?

From what I looked up, the markings have to right in the center. The markings are textured and seemed to be stamped? Both marks are exactly the same.

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Dec 10, 2011
by: Tom

Hi Peter,

On the marking, what I mean by texture; you can actually feel the marking. Yes, on the picture, it uploaded smaller, you can see white spots from typical stamps.

So, if it is a stamping, then it means it is a modern production? If it is supposed to be handwritten, then both are very similar :/

I appreciate your help in these items!!

Dec 10, 2011
Fencai dishes
by: peter

The pictures are too small to show much detail.
It isn't impossible that a mark is off-center a little, like this.
What do you mean with "the markings are textured"? Do you see a raster, or does the blue color have regular or irregular white spots (interrupting the strokes or lines) indicating printing? Actually, viewed from this angle the mark characters have a shape that looks as if the mark IS printed. It is too regular.
Usually, with period items the mark would be hand painted and show some irregular lines or proportions of the characters.

Without closer pictures it is difficult to say much. But the glaze in these images looks quite white. If it is snow white, then this cannot be a period item. The biggest problem I see is with the foot rim, however. In these photos it looks as if the foot rim is straight (vertical) on the outside and oblique inside. If this is right, then this is likely a 20th century imitation.

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