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Eggshell porcelain tea cups and saucers

by TeeDee
(Dade City, FL)

Can anyone tell me what the markings on these pieces represent?

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Apr 11, 2011
by: peter

Did you mean "wouldn't know"?
This one is easy enough in Japanese despite some improperly written character.

Apr 11, 2011
Japanese tea cups
by: Sol


I've been looking at Japanese tea cups in various places lately.. mostly in thrift stores or second hand stores. I've not come across any tea ware marked in actual Japanese, and would know the difference between other asian languages even if I did. I've been looking for authentic Japanese tea ware written in English. This site may just give me a hint more bravery to venture out into true "authentic" asian tea ware. Thanks for the articles!


Apr 18, 2010
Japanese cup
by: peter


This is a Japanese mark. The right part says that it is made in Japan, the left seems to contain a name, probably the name of the potter or kiln/manufactory, which I cannot transcribe for sure. Japanese names can often be read in more than one way, even if they are written with the same characters. This means one must know that specific one to be sure.
Possibly, someone specialized on Japanese porcelain can tell you more.

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