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Dragon plate and 2 small bowls

by Ryan

Here are some dragon bowls and a plate. They appear to me to be late Qing.. Could you tell me any more about these? I have seen one of these plates on the internet at one time. I have 2 of them now.

I will get those photos of that vase in a couple of days. I hope you are having a great weekend!!


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Dragon over the wall
by: Ryan

Ah, thanks. I am happy to know about the dragon over the wall idea. This plate seemed to be decent enough. But, the eyes were poorly done perhaps. My other one is better in that manner. Both have a fair amount of little scratches or blemishes to the glaze to perhaps lessen the viewing quality as well.
Thanks again..

plate and bowls
by: peterp

The plate is from Dehua kiln. Not sure about the bowls, but they could also be. The details of the blue decoration are not clear enough in these pictures (too small) to be sure. A side view of the bowls would also be helpful.
The plate might be early Qing dynasty. Not quite sure about this, though. Usually, Dehua porcelain is of better quality. Either it is very early or just cheap production for the common folks.

The decoration is what is called "dragon over the wall" in Chinese. A dragon inside with the tail being painted outside of the bowl or on the underside of the plate.

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