Dragon Bowl with Markings

by ctyam2003

Hi All,
Is this bowl with dragon design rare and what era does it come from? Imperial?

Again, all information and comments are most welcome.




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Dragon Bowl with Markings
by: Alan

Thanks for the insights Peter!

by: peter

Alan, when buying items with a dragon, please pay attention to the way the dragon is painted. The dragon's head never looks this way. Looks more like a worm with teeth.

The dragon and its style is one of the points to look at when checking for age.

bowl and markings
by: peter

The mark/markings are nothing I know. Doesn't look like any readable Chinese characters, nor does it seem to be a known pictorial mark.
The dragon - apparently the painter had no idea how to draw ANY Chinese dragon. Also a very clear fake.
The dirty state may only serve to "make believe" that it is old.

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