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Nov 20, 2010
ceramic tile
by: peter

Hi Brian,
The pictures confirm that it is 100% European style and subject, and that it is printed.
I am not completely sure about this, but even the characters on the back look printed. Could also be stamped, though. The reason I think so are the little white spots within the strokes. These would have been filled with a handwritten brush stroke.

The text on the back is a verse from a poem. Not something that one would expect on such an item. Actually, with Chinese tiles there is usually no writing on the back.
In addition, the text contains simplified Chinese characters. Chinese characters were simplified in the 1950s. Transfer printing on porcelain seems also to have been first used in the 20th century in China.

All in all it looks to me as if what you have is either of the following two:
- either you have a printed European picture produced in China, possibly for export and made in the second half of the 20th century. In this case it is likely the scenery was taken from European art.
- or you have a European/western tile with the Chinese characters on the back being added later for some reason. In this case it could have been made in the west and could be earlier.

Nov 20, 2010
blue and white tile
by: peter

I have two or three issues with this tile.
First, this is a European style porcelain painting. Second, it looks like transfer printing to me. Third, the tile looks relatively new, "younger" than the frame, if it were Chinese.

Could you upload pictures allowing for closer inspection?
What would be needed is a close-up picture with good resolution of a painted area (partial is fine). A picture of the back side if it is accessible, and a picture of the mark you mention.
If this was made in China, which I doubt, then it would habe to be a modern imitation of a western picture. Otherwise it has to be from another place.

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