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Details on unusual jug?

by Chelsea

Hi Peter
This is the last of the 'unknowns' I have at the moment. It is a rather unusual looking jug (I guess) It is triangular and has a handle on one side (has been re-glued many years ago). No idea about it at all. It is signed on one panel - unglazed foot. I have given a close up of the faces hoping that it may assist in idenification. Any advice as to country or origin or rough age would be really appreciated. Thanks Chelsea

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Apr 24, 2011
by: peter

I'm afraid this is a fake antique. Just ignore the crackles, please. They give it an appearance of age, but they can be man-made.
What is depicted in the image is apparently two Japanese ladies, but the painter had no idea about Japanese dress and faces. They are painted quite ugly. Please look at those large noses, they are the opposite as what oriental noses are. Far Eastern faces never have such prominent noses. Then, there is a strange headwear. I don't know what that could be. If it were a rug or towel wrapped around the head, it would not look liket this.
Also, what looks like characters in the left corner (second picture) is actually not legible. The writer did either not know how to write Chinese or Japanese, or was too careless to write them properly.

Due to the relatively low quality of the decoration I would think that it cannot be Japanese made.
Also, I have no idea where or when this was made, but it cannot be very old, I'm afraid.

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