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dark green/grey chinese vase

by Sal Kahil
(Vancouver BC Canada)

Marks: chinese?

Marks: chinese?

Hello everyone,
I bought this vase from an old Chinese gentleman for very little. He told me that it is an old vase!
the mark is a large and lots of them!
Please help me to identify the maker? period maker?
and if it is worth lots like he said!
it is
8" High
4.5" wide

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Jan 27, 2011
by: peter

Hi again. I'm afraid the vase is not that old.
It is made to look like a certain type of antique vase or jar, but I think it is not antique.
First, it's in too good a shape to be hundreds of years old. Then, the foot ring is not right for that period, and there should be no mark.

Also, although I cannot see all characters clearly it is easy to distinguish the characters for "China" at the very beginning. These were never used in a mark that way until modern times.

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