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Da Qing bowl?

by Judy B

We have inherited this beautiful bowl, but are unsure of its background. Any help you can give us as to dating it and giving it a value for insurance purposes would be extremely helpful!

Thank you

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May 29, 2011
by: peter

This is a famille rose bowl. Actually, from its shape it looks more like a wash basin, but this depends on its size.

The mark is a spurious Qianlong mark and looks printed.
These bowls were made far into the 20th century and may be still be manufactured.

To decide how old it could be, closeup pictures of parts of the decoration would be needed, if possible also one from an angle, to see the thickness of the enamel. This is to verify if it is hand painted or printed. However, the pictures should be taken in daylight, near a window or outside, so that colors are natural.
Faces and the gilt decoration band around the central medallion would be of interest for evaluation.
You could upload the pictures to a site like Photobucket and post the link here. This blog does not allow larger pictures, unfortunately.

If you stroke over the decoration surface with a finger, does the enamel feel even and flat or uneven?

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