Cup and Saucer

by mccandless

Hello Peter,
Your thoughts on Cup and Saucer are appreciated. I'm wondering if the shape of the cup handle gives a clue as to the age? The foot rim of the saucer is difficult to photograph accurately. The outer rim is oblique and thicker at the bottom than the top. But that said the potting on the whole is thicker than some other pieces in my collection. Your thoughts on subject, and feathering on the boarder design would be appreciated along with anything else you will share. Thanks

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cup and saucer
by: peter

Encre-de-chine. I have no problem accepting this as 18th century. The right partial image of the foot rim shows the shape I mentioned before. From this shape I would think it could be mid-18th century.

I don't know if the handle has any connection to the age. It might have differed from batch to batch.

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