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Cream-colored jar

by tatucollage

This is a small 4"x4" cream colored jar. It has cracks in the glaze but they don't look on purpose. They look like they developed over time. The bottom of the jar is flat and has some splotches of glaze and what appears to be six slashes. It looks old to me but the glaze is in outstanding condition. I posted this on another site but got no comments. I was told by the person I got it from that they thought it was Chinese but I don't really know. It is very refined and elegant, not in the least bit rough or primitive (except for the bottom).

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What it probably is
by: tatucollage

Ok, I found out that this jar is most probably late Ming / Early Qing from a Fujian kiln in southern China. The light glows through when placed over a strong bulb also.

by: Snap

This could have been made nearly anywhere in the world.

Crackle of glaze nearly always due to difference in shrinkage between glaze and body while cooling after firing in kiln. When there is residual strain between shrinkage rates, more crackle can appear over time. This depends on formulas (components) of glaze and body and rate of cooling. There are quite a few different types of examples of Chinese ceramics that show no crackle in glaze even after 1000 years, yet also many modern ceramics that show crackled glaze as result of deliberate formulations or just hasty manufacture.

If top of lip is as flat as appears in one of your photos, the container may have had a cover.

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