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Could you help identify vase?

by Rod James
(Anniston, AL. USA)

I would really appreciate any help you may give me on this vase I picked up at a local thrift store along with 3 antique early 1900's Porcelain Chinese Ginger Jars with lids. There are no markings on this vase. It is11 7/8" tall, 5 1/2" wide in the middle, 3 13/16" wide at the mouth, and 3 5/8" wide at the base. The piece was molded as you can feel it a little on both sides and see part of it raised on outside of neck under glaze. The birds on are both sides as well as the blue markings on both sides. Many imperfections especially on the inside of the neck in the form of raised places in the porcelain. The vase has a high gloss and is in really good shape. I think it may be from the early 1900's but could use another opinion from an expert.
Rod James

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Mar 24, 2011
by: Rod

I appreciate your help and after your comments I looked hard at the blue marks and I have to agree that they are most likely stamps as they are very uniform. Until next time!

Mar 23, 2011
by: peter

This can at the most be second half of 20th century., I think.
The pictures are not large enough, but the blue decoration seems to be made using stamps, not hand painted. The shpes of the blue side decoration would be impossible in antique or vintage items painted according to Chinese tradition. The colors and painting style of the main decoration aren't right either. They don't look Chinese at all. Only the shape of the vase looks Chinese, I'm afraid.

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