Cong Style Vase -Red China Stamp & Impression on Bottom

by R.J.
(Clark Lake)

great site !
couldn't resize pictures at the site you suggested
they are closing April 19th, so No new users.
so i will explain as well as i can...

Pair of Cong Shaped Vases 8" tall
have a RAISED design ,sort of a mask, eyes, nose, mouth..
and some curly - q's
soft colors, in mustard, ivory ,lilac, mint.

wondering if you can tell me about the bottom stamps
i am not well versed in this area....

they are stamped on the bottom in RED, IN CAPITALS,
then an IMPRESSED mark ,looks like Qianlong Mark ?
this area has no color, just impressed...

the bottom is glazed, the rim on the bottom is not.

i have not the foggiest idea of age ?
the pair have been in the Family for many years,
but not my style..
so sadly, they have been in a box in the closet.
there are 2, so a pair.

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