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Ching Dynasty Qianling candle gold gilgit 1736-1795

by SAL

Can you tell me this Ching Dynasty Qianling green candle gold gilgit .This candle has 12 symbols Is it very havy made out of green matirial, Can you tell me what kind of matirial and this original or copy ????


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Dec 16, 2010
Gu vase
by: peter

Hi Sal,
This looks like a rectangular Gu vase to me. I have never seen this type, though. Usually, you have to look at the bottom and inside, if you want to see what it is made from. If it is pottery or porcelain, you will know from the bottom. Is it heavy?

The original Gu vases were made of bronze in ancient times, later the form was imitated by ceramics. I believe there are also some carved of stone, but from these picturs it is impossible to know what because the base material is colored.

If you do a Google image search for "Gu vase" you will find many, some also rectangular.

As the upper rim is quite thick, I would be careful when buying such things. Many Chinese looking items are fakes made of artificial materials. Ceramics and bronze are not that thick, usually.
It is possible to make items by pouring cement, resin or some other artificial material into a mold. Once the surface is covered with decorations and colored, it is sometimes difficult to know what it is. Please be careful, there are many fakes. Mostly it is possible to know by the feel of it, if it is made of metal or pottery, but artificial materials can be tricky.

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