chinese wedding vase Kangxi period

by M.H. DE VOS
(Burgundy France)

I have a vase described as from the Kangxi period with pictures of a chinese wedding. Searching on internet I don't see many vases with this form and so detailed pictures of a wedding.
On the base is a signature and we would like to know if somebody recognizes this signature of the artist.
Thanks in advance for your comment !!

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Dec 29, 2011
by: peter

You better upload the pictures to a site like Photobucket or similar, and the post or send the link.
Large attachments are unlikely to pass the filters.

Dec 29, 2011
chinese wedding vase Kangxi period
by: M.H. DE VOS

Hi Peter,

I saw the pictures I sent the first time and you are so right, hardly anything to see.
I sent you separate per email 10 very clear pictures of this vase. Can you put these on the site ??
Best regards,

Dec 28, 2011
by: peter

The pictures are much too small to see any details clearly.
You might want to upload high resolution pictures to Photobucket or a similar site and post the link here. Important is that some details are vieweable really closeup, so that even faces and eyes are vsible.
Judging from the shape, this items is unlikely to be from the Kangxi period, despite a mark that appears to be a Kangxi mark. It could even be recently made.
(This is not an artist's mark but a pictorial mark similar to those used during that period.

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