Chinese Vase

by MaryAnn Gobels
(Lansing, MI)

Hello, I have a nice antique Chinese vase that I know very little about. I have included a couple of pictures. If anyone can tell me about this vase or its mark I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.
MaryAnn Gobels

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RE: Qing Vase
by: MaryAnn

Thank you for the information about the vase. Is there any way of approximating the age of the vase? As the Qing dynasty seems to be a very long one. Thank you.

Late Qing dynasty is the most we can tell.

crackle vase
by: peter

This is a Fangge crackle vase. Made during the late Qing dynasty.
The Chenghua mark is only for decoration. Chenghua was a reign hundreds of years ago, most of this type of crackle vases have the mark despite the fact that they were made in the Qing dynasty.

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