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Hello Peter,
Here is another Chinese vase which I had purchsed during a visit to Beijing in 1988. While overall the vase seems to have been well kept, yet it seems that the lid in not original. The bottom seal also appear to have faded quite a bit. Please give your opinion about it origin, age etc and what does the inscription mean.
Please look up for some more pictures.

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lidded Qianjiang jar
by: peter

Hi Bilal,
This is Qianjiang porcelain. I can't help with the whole text, but this is late Qing dynasty.
It is signed by porcelain painter Dai Yu-cheng , a known and listed Qianjiang artist of the period.

There may be a cyclical year in the second last column (just beside the mark). If you want me to check you have to make a picture of the upper part of this text column available.

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