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Chinese? Vase

by David Gamaleri
(Capitan NM USA)

This is a vase that came into our possession recently. It was acquired from the original owner in the 1920's. As you can see in the attached pics there is writing on the bottom. Can anyone tell me what it reads??

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by: peter

Hi David,
I'm afraid you have been had.
This vase has Chinese, Japanese and European decoration features mixed. The colors and color combination are quite impossible for early 20th century Chinese items, and I suspect also for Japanese ones. The shape is not Chinese, and the bottom looks as if it was made in the last ten or twenty years maximum. It might even be brand new. Nothing shows that would indicate an age of 90 years.
In addition, the sloppy written Chinese characters of the mark look as if the writer didn't have a good understanding of Chinese brush strokes; they look as if someone not knowing Chinese tried to copy the mark.

My personal view is that this is new or recently made. It could even have been in SE Asia or elsewhere.
Hope you didn't pay too much for this.

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