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Chinese Vase

by Lee

Side View Picture - 1 of 6 Different Pictures

Side View Picture - 1 of 6 Different Pictures

While on My Usual Snuff Bottle and Chinese Antique Hunt this week, I purchased a Box of Items, which included Vase's , Snuff Bottles, and some Chinese Tea Cups, amongst other things.

I would like to know if anyone knows anything about this paticular Vase, it has 6 Sides, and has differnt Pictures on each side, you will see in the Top it has 5 Holes, is this a Flower Vase or a Paint Brush Holder?

I thought it looked quite nice and the painting is quite detailed, also has a Mark on the Base.

Can anyone add any information to this please.

More from My Box, to follow.

Kind Regards


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Apr 05, 2011
by: peter

Hi Lee,
I'm afraid this is neither a vase nor a brush holder. The latter type has a top that is always open on the whole width.
Usually, items with such holes would have a lid or removable top and are censers. But the shape of this isn't quite right.
Unless the small hole in the top is for inserting a burning incense stick, there seems to be no other use.
You should be aware that this is probably a recent item made to look old.
It has as studio room name as mark, wich is a bit unusual for the 20th century.

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