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chinese vase

by John

Hello Peter,
can You tell me something concerning this vase,i was thinking to buy this vase because this vase seems for me like an ancient vase.
But I have gladly a second opinion,perhaps you can tell something about his suspected age.

Best regards John

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Dec 14, 2010
chinese vase
by: peter

Hi John,
The images are a bit too small to see everything clearly, but based on these pictures it looks like a fake. Please be careful.

If you want me to I can look at larger images. You could upload them somewhere on the web and post the link here. The resolution should be good.

I first tell you why I doubt it is a genuine antique.
The white and blue color combination is often found in low quality fakes.
The decoration near the top and bottom are not looking very standard.
There are too many dark spots on the bottom. And, the mark (the parallel ring) looks quite too regular.

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