Chinese vase value??

by Psaropoulos emmanuil
(Athens Greece)

I have an old porcelain vase from China. Probably 200 yrs old. stamp on the bottom, small cracks on the bottom, visible only from outside.
Size 61 cm. width 28 cm.
There is five dragons and flowers on gold. I show exactly the same ( but in less quality) in the national archeology museum of Constanta, Romania.
Any idea for its value??? Many thanks

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Daoguang vase
by: Viscount

I agree with Peter. The gold color on the back ground, the Mark and the base suggest that your vase does not come from Qing period.

Chinese vase value??
by: Psarropoulos Emmanuil

Many thanks for your comments, this vase belongs to my family more than 50 years, and the information regarding the age it was given by seller from a National “friendship” store. In China. It seems that even this period of communism, some of the “national shops” they use to cheat. I like to say for one more time many thanks.

chinese vase
by: peter

We cannot talk about values here for the reasons outlined in "Value of Antiques", in the left menu.
This vase has a Qing dynasty, Daoguang reign mark. However, the whiteness of the bottom means it was made in the 20th century.
The shape of the tail of the dragon also shows that it cannot be from the mid-Qing period mentioned. The background decoration seems to be of the "millefiori" type.
The overall impression is that it probably is no more than a few decades old, I'm afraid.

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