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Hello Peter,

Thanks for the valuable information. I am attching the text on the vase for your further analysis. Please also let me know where I may find some background information on the artist, Dai Yu Cheng.


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Chinese Jar

Peter, thank you for the detailed information. I really appreicate the insight you have provided.
Also, my apologies for having titled the item as a 'Chinese Vase'.

by: peter

The year is 1907, 5th month, first ten days.
The latter two mean the Lunar Calendar. (The Chinese separate a month into three parts of ten days.) The dating is rarely done down to this detail.

I'm afraid I cannot help with English resources, as I use mostly Chinese sources for this basic information. These frequently are only listed names without further details on the person. With many porcelain painters it is only known when they were active from their works.
You can try to find info on the Internet by searching for "戴裕成". Maybe some sale listings have more details...

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