Chinese vase marks

by Ping

Could you please help me to identify this Chinese marks? What does it mean?

It is very nice color but I think it is not old item.


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Thank you
by: Ping

Thanks for your comment again Peter, It does help me to understand about Chinese porcelain.

I did not pay much for this vase because some of friend just want to get rid of it. I just love the sharp color on it.

Thank you very much.


by: peter

Hi Ping,
A famille rose (or rose medallion?) decoration. These were made until recently, possibly still are...
The mark alone exposes it as a fake in this case. One character is repeated (but appears incomplete) on the right side, and the two on the right are upside down and turned 90 degrees, respectively. In addition, the direction of writing is wrong as marks should be read top-down, right to left.
In all, the mark is done in a helter-skelter manner.

I bet you find that the decoration is printed.
The antique one's have an uneven surface due to the thick enamel, but the new ones are flat and even. Hope you didn't pay too much for this.

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