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Chinese vase made into a lamp

by Rudolf
(the Netherlands)

Hi Peter,

I came across this lamp and would appreciate to learn your opinion regarding its age/period.
Thanks in advance.Rudolf

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by: peter

Hi, difficult to tell from these pictures. If there were no handwriting, I would see this as a copy of older designs, but with this...

It looks as if old vases were modified as far as I can see. Both items show censers, but pink inside (???), that is strange. Also, the small squares inside the censer and the shoulder decoration is looking unusual, nothing traditional Chinese.
The body and the writing on the other hand look old.

My guess is that vases with a certain late Qing decoration(s) showing a censer and writing on the back were repainted or over-painted partially at a later time, having had these odd decoration elements added. At the same time the neck of the vase(s) was cut off.

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