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Chinese Vase: Is This Authentic?

by Huy

Chinese Vase

Chinese Vase

I would appreciate any comments on the authenticity of this vase. It was acquired around 1985. Any additional info about its period/age would also be appreciated. Thank you.

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Jan 25, 2011
Chinese vase
by: peter

Hello Huy,
Based on the larger pictures I think this is a 20th century item. Still, very well done...
The reason for my assumption is
1. The foot rim looks like a late Qing/early 20th century foot rim.
2. No age signs visible. There should be if it is more than a hundred years old.
There is a chance that it has some age, but it looks a bit too fresh.

I suggest you get a second opinion at, just to make sure.

Jan 25, 2011
Hi-Res Images
by: Huy

Hi-res images are at:

Thanks for any comments on the vase's authenticity/age/time period.

Jan 24, 2011
chinese vase
by: peter

Hello Huy,
It is almost impossible to say anything with such small pictures. I would suggest you upload larger pictures with minute details visible to a place on the Internet and then post the link here. This allows better viewing. Good resolution is important to make sure what it is.

From this picture it looks as if it has a Ming Wanli reign mark, but it could be apocryphal.

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