Chinese Vase info?

by Bonnie
(Connelly, New York)

Hi. I was sent to this website being told that you have alot of knowledge about chinese antiques or maybe it's not. While researching other things on here today I decided to see what I could find out about this vase. I first went to see what markings it had and was very surprised it had NONE. I thought they all had some sort of mark on them. I even took a flashlight and looked inside the vase and nothing. After reading some info on this site I see some were made with no markings. Right now I'm at step 1 because I have no info at all about this vase, I guess as they say,"It's all chinese to me!" :o)
The vase stands about 19" tall and is in excellent condition. I tried to show in 2 of the pictures that the border along the bottom edge is not uniform in spacing. I showed both side's in the pictures. As far as what the actual art on the vase, in my eyes I can't tell what it is. The only other thing I can say about the vase is that when I took a flashlight to the inside I did see a few "small" bumps which may have happened when firing was done? There's 2 at the very bottom and a couple of hardly noticable on the side. Please don't mind the date on the pictures.....I had a senior moment and forgot to change it on my camera. that's called Dahhhhhhhhhhh
It would be greatly appreciated if someone could give me any info on this vase. I included my e-mail address if you need to contact me.

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Chinese Vase
by: Joe

Yes! Peter:
I agree with you. This is 100% new Chinese Porcelain product. The bottom is too white and shiny, not a antique because of that.

chinese vase
by: peter

The pictures are a bit small, and the only ones showing some details are the bottom and partial picture. Anyway, these were sufficient in this case.
Judging by the closeup picture, however, you have a transfer printed vase. It shows the same image of a dragon all over. If you check the single decoration elements, do you find that some are repeated and look exactly the same? With hand-painting this is never the case.
Further, the decoration along the bottom rim would only be found on items of the Yuan dynasty, not later, while the one along the neck could only be drawn later than that. The dragon is painted in a style of yet another, later dynasty. In other words, the vase decoration contains a mix of different eras. Additionally, the whiteness of the glaze isn't quite right for an antique.
That an the fact that transfer printing started in China only later in the 20th century, much later than in Europe and Japan, means that your item is not an antique but a later imitation, I'm afraid.

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